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Title: This was fun...
Post by: JoomX on October 23, 2014, 11:01:12 PM
Stupid, but fun.  Kinda cool to watch some new rookies just having fun in there.  Man I miss that...
Title: Re: This was fun...
Post by: theJudeAbides on October 24, 2014, 11:03:57 PM
And nary a spin to be had.  This is too painful for me to keep watching... SO MUCH NOOB!! :D :P

Despite the fact that it sounded about like 8 year olds, this is one thing that I really think Excitebots is missing: the ability to cast games.  For anybody even a little bit familiar with Starcraft, you'll know that the game really took off when they gained the ability to save and send replays, which showed EXACTLY what each player was doing (not the predictive nonsense that Excitebots had that most often got things wrong).  Go look up (on youtube) someone named "Husky Starcraft" and watch some of his casts.  He provides entertaining and often insightful casts of professal-level games.  And he's not the only one out there doing it, either... not by a long shot.

I remember reading an article once about the things games need to do to remain relevant and competitive over a long period of time.  Excitebots did a few of those things, and the community here helped further it.  But there were still things that we simply could never do, because we couldn't.  Things like casting.  Imagine not just having a tournament, but then sending the replays to someone who then cast the races and posted them on youtube.  Think of how our community could have grown out of such things!  Yes, TopStar and others' videos were a good start, but those always showed "alone by yourself on a perfect (or near perfect) run."  What makes casting real, live games so interesting is that people mess up and make mistakes.  People do different things.  It is this imperfection and variation that makes things so interesting (as we all know) and really, end up being much more insightful to new racers than some perfect line that you'll never be able to run online anyways.

I really hope that, if/when Monster Games comes out with a sequel/successor to this game, they realize how competitive this game can be and how interesting the variation makes the match-ups.  I hope they realize that they need to balance the different vehicles so that they're ALL useable in a competitive environment, instead of only a handful.  They'll also need to balance all the maps so that each bot is useable on all of them.  And they need to add the ability to save and send ACCURATE replays of online games that shows EXACTLY what each racer was doing, thus enabling the ability to cast games.  There are some other things, too, that would help (like releasing it globally and advertising it), but, to me, these are the core things they need to do.

People think that Excitebots was a great improvement over Excite Truck, and it was, but I still see so much room for improvement in this game and, if done right, could lend itself to the type of lasting competitive gaming that only a handful of games, like Starcraft, have achieved.
Title: Re: This was fun...
Post by: Bio Rex on November 18, 2014, 09:25:56 AM
This is a little painful even for a greenhorn like me.