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Author Topic: [3DS] Smash bros.  (Read 292 times)

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[3DS] Smash bros.
« on: April 28, 2015, 11:33:08 AM »
We all know and love the Smash bros. series, but does this installment live up to the family name?


Smash bros. is a fighting game based around Nintendo's most popular characters as well as a few others.

The plot is, there is no plot... yeah, I think that sums it up.

GRAPHICS: Good. Crisp, clear visuals and a smooth framerate make sure that smashes look glorious. The models look smooth and rounded. The stages are not too shaby either. They make every match look unique.

GAMEPLAY: Simple controls and a physics system that make sense make this an easy game to play. Don't take this the wrong way though, the game is hard when you want it to be. It can go from punching bag to perfection with a single button.

NEW STUFF: OH BOY, OH BOY. Nintendo really outdid themselves with this one. Here's a list of some of the new stuff.
1. Lots of new fighters
2. Equipment for your fighters
3. Alternate special moves that can be unlocked
4. Mii fighters, which are very customizable
5. Smash run mode; it's like city trial from Kirby Air Ride but with smash gameplay.
6. Omega stages; with a button press, any stage can be final destination! No more boring, non-game specific backgrounds for me.
7. DLC; this means that mewtwo is back.

SOUND; Good stuff. Plenty of memorable songs, but no way to choose which ones to have play. Most of the original songs are just the same one song, but it is epic so that's ok.

Overall, I rate this game a 9.5/10. Lots of unlockables, customization, and fighters will keep you buzy for a while and that's not even going into the multiplayer. Lack of music options and a few missing fighters is sad though.
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