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Author Topic: [PS2] kingdon hearts  (Read 369 times)

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[PS2] kingdon hearts
« on: May 23, 2015, 01:11:11 AM »
Well, this one has been a favorite between me and my siblings for a good long while.
I'll cut to the chase and get rolling!

Oh dolly, are you in for a ride!
Let's see... how to do this without spoilers... Ah ha!
We follow Sora, a young boy who is unknowingly the master of a magical weapon called the keyblade. He lives on a tropical island with his friends until some real bad juju goes down and rips his world a new one.
Sora searches for his friends and makes new ones on the worlds he visits.
Almost all of the worlds take place in the different worlds of disney.
This sounds like a good ol' time, but there are these monsters called heartless running amuck everywhere and only the keyblade and get rid of them for good.
Also, it turns out that the king of disney has gone missing with nothing more than a letter as a lead.
This is a tale of good, evil, not so evil, surprisingly good, friendship, miracles, adventure, and this is sounding way too much like the princess bride...
Anywho, it is a bit of a heartwrencher with no small amount of humor.
And if you don't feel like this is enough of an emotional roller coaster,  then the many sequels will.

Phew, now that's over, I can move on to:
Lots of varying music always captures the moment.
Voice acting ain't too shabby either.

Alright, gotta calm down.
This is a real time rpg where you level up, equip stuff and choose what abilities to use.
Combat feels fluid and allows multiple approaches, like you can be a mage, healer, fighter, damage sponge, or a combination. I like combining damage sponge, healer, and special move user.
There are also gummi ship stages which work like most 3d flying shooters.
The controls for there are a little slippery and touchy.
Overall, the controls for platforming are a little rough and the camera is a little rough to get used to.

The movie clips are cool, but unskippable which becomes annoying during the tough (most of the) boss fights.

Spoilers: the questions at the beginning of the game determine when you set out on your adventure, metaphorically speaking. Morning makes you level up quickly in the beginning but slower at the end. Night is the opposite. Day is normal growth all through.

All in all, I would rate this game a 8/10. It is great, but has its flaws.

I hope that you guys are enjoying these as much as I am making them.
Nice Crash! *
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