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Author Topic: Forum FAQ - check here before asking...  (Read 838 times)

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Forum FAQ - check here before asking...
« on: January 12, 2011, 04:32:28 PM »
This thread will be a constant work in progress, and updated as often as possible.  Basic Q&A about how the forums work.

Why don't you have a really cool game theme in the forums?
Because we would rather have functionality.  The theme we use is the easiest to modify and maintain, and give the members the most possible options.  It's also the easiest to keep secure against hackers/spammers.  Other themes could be created or used, but it would take too much time for mods, maintenance, and security updates.  We've set up many forums over the years, and found that in the long run people will take functionality over 'cute' every time.

What if I don't want to see all the boards I'm not interested in?
While viewing the main forum index, every category has a button at the right end of the category header.  By default, the button will be a minus symbol.  Clicking that button will close that category so you don't have to look at it.  All categories can be closed that way.  Close what you don't want to see, leave the rest open.

How can I tell what posts are new since my last visit?
Tired of having to read through threads to find the new posts?  Any boards here with new posts since your last visit will have a green symbol beside the board name.  Want to jump directly to the newest posts in a thread?  If there are new posts in a thread there will be a small "NEW" icon beside the thread subject, just click that to be taken directly to the first new post in that thread.  The forums also show the most recent posts at the bottom of the board index.  Also, there are two options in the header of the forum pages beside your avatar and below your name.  These are 'Show unread posts since your last visit', and 'Show new replies to your posts'.  Clicking these options will display what's been added since your last visit.

How do I create a thread?
Choose the applicable board you wish to post in, open it, and click the New Topic button.

How do I reply to a post?
While viewing the post you want to reply to, click the Reply button.  Alternatively, there is a 'Quick Reply' box at the bottom of every thread.

How do I modify or edit a post I've submitted?
While viewing your post, click the Modify button to the top right of your post.

How do I  delete a post?
You may only delete your own posts.  While viewing your post, click the Remove button to the top right of your post.

How do I  attach a file to a post?
While creating the post, click the "Attachments and other options" link just below the post area.  You can attach a maximum of 5 files, with a total combined size no larger than 8MB.  You cannot attach a file in the Quick Reply area.  Attached images will show as clickable thumbnails in the post.  Don't forget to keep file sizes down so the post doesn't take forever to display.  General rule of thumb is to keep files sizes of posted images under 50k.

How does the Post/PM editor work?
The editor is BBC based, not HTML.  There are two modes you can edit in, visual (or WYSIWYG) mode, or base mode where you can see and work with the BB Code in your text.  There is a button on the far right end of the button bar that will change modes back and forth.  In either mode, the button bars are available so you don't have to know BBC.  You don't need to manually create a hyperlink for web addresses, simply type in the web address and the editor will generate the hyperlink automatically.  This is true in the post editor, the PM editor, and the ShoutBox.  Also, pasting or typing a link to a YouTube (or most other video sites) video will automatically generate code needed to display the video directly in the post.  You can also insert links to pictures within your post, but in addition you can attach images (or most other files) to a post and the images will be displayed as clickable thumbnails.  There are many, many options available in the editor, it's best to take time to play with the buttons to see what they all do.

How do I  sticky a post?
Only admin and moderators can sticky posts.  If you feel a post should be stickied, notify a moderator - generally by PM'ing them.  Remember, though, that too many stickies in a board makes it harder to view the other threads.

How do I quote more than one person in a single reply?
There is an option at the top right of every post that will allow you to 'queue up' multiple quotes to use in a single reply.  The option is called "Add Multi-Quote', and it basically copies that post in quoted form to a clipboard.

How do I  send another member a private message?
There are a number of ways.  You can click on their name to go to their profile where you will find a link to send a private message, or you can click the Private Message icon just below their avatar in a post.  You can also go to your Messages box and send a message from there by entering the member's forum name.  And, you can send a single message to more than one recipient.

How do I  get an Avatar for my profile?
Click the Profile option in the main menu at the top.  There are many options for customizing your profile, please click through all the possible options to see what's available.  Most items are self explanatory.  You can use one of the hundreds of avatars on the site, upload your own, or link to one on the web.

Why can't I post things in certain boards?
A few boards in the forums, like this board, are Read Only.  That means you can only view the threads/posts, but cannot reply or create a new thread.  Only Moderators and Admin can post in these areas.

What is Karma?
Karma is a way to show a member how much you appreciate (or don't appreciate) their contributions to the forums.  A thumbs up will add one to a member's Karma, a thumbs down will subtract one.

How do I use the Calendar?
Click the Calendar option in the main menu to view the calendar.  Dates that contain entries will show the entry.  If you wish to post an event in the Calendar, just click on the date.  Enter all information.  When an event is posted in the Calendar, an associated post is also automatically created in the Calendar board in the forums.  Calendar events may also be edited and deleted.

How do I  use the Gallery?
Simply click the Gallery option in the main menu, and start posting images.  Also, you can post up to 10 images in your profile.

What is the ShoutBox on the left?
The ShoutBox is an easy way for members to post quick shouts to other members without having to use a post or thread.  Use it to tell everyone you're heading online, that you want someone to notice something, or just to say "Hi" to the members.  You can even use it like a chat room, though we do have a very nice live chat room integrated into the forums here.  Once you start to use it, you'll wish every forum had one.

How do I use the live chat system?
If you're a member and logged in, simply click the 'Chat' option in the main menu, then start chatting live with anyone else in the chat room.  There are a lot of options in the chat room, play with them to get familiar with the system.  There is a notification area at the bottom of the forum index page (Home) that tells you if anyone is currently in the Chat room, and who they are.

How do I show a video in a post?
Just copy and paste the link to the video - such as a YouTube video - into your post.  The site is set up to automatically display the video within the post.

How do I know when I've got a new private message?
A number will be displayed by the "My Messages" option in the main menu, you will also be notified in the "User Info" box on the left, and if you wish you can be notified by a pop-up during a page refresh.  This is configurable from your Profile options, and is dependent on whether you allow pop-ups in your browser.

What is 'Notepad' in the main menu?
The notepad option allows you to enter and maintain up to 5 pages of notes for your own use.  Every member has their own private Notepad area.  Keep any information you like there, such as Friend Codes or other info you need to remember.  You can add or delete pages, but you can only have a maximum of 5 pages at any given time.

What is 'Blog' in the main menu?
There is a board in the forums called 'Member Blogs' where members can blog about anything they have on their mind.  The 'Blog' option in the main menu is just a shortcut way to view those blogs.

What is 'Member Pages' in the main menu?
We have a section of the site set up where members can have their own web page.  Contact JoomX through a PM to find out what you need to do to get a web page listed there.


The best thing to do is browse around the forums, try things, look at options.  There are a lot of options in different areas here, but most of them are pretty self-explanatory.  And if you still have questions, feel free to ask...
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