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Author Topic: Where things are at for the forums...  (Read 881 times)

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Where things are at for the forums...
« on: January 17, 2011, 04:02:42 PM »
Finally got around to spending the last couple weeks getting the forums up to speed.  Below is a list (in no particular order) of some of the things that have been done to date:

- The basic forum board/sub-board structure is in place, but will be added to as necessary.
- The Blog page is in place, any blogs posted in the Member Blog board will also be shown there.
- The live chat system is in place and working very nicely, allowing members to chat live with other members.
- The ShoutBox is in place.
- The Quick Edit box at the bottom of thread listings has been modded to include edit button strips for usability,
   similar to the full edit screen.
- Added the ability for admins/moderators to order sticky topics to improve sequencing.
- Additional options and features added to the post editor.
- The Gallery is functional, there is a general area and each member can have their own albums.
- The Personal Message system has been improved.
- Added index headers/footers for things like "Game of the Month", or whatever might go there.
- Added the ability to stretch the post edit box vertically to make the text entry area larger (very nice).
- Enhanced the Profile system for members, lots more they can do with their profile now.
- Added full editor button strips to the signature block in the profile section.
- Added more information to the User Info boxes in posts.
- Added a Members Pages option in the main menu.  This option was set up to allow members to have their own
   personal web page on the site.  Pages are submitted to the admin, who places them on the site.
- Many other minor enhancements throughout the system to add functionality and aesthetics.

As other features are added/changed, I'll update this blog...

03/03/2011 Update:

- Added a new Notepad system to the main menu.  Regular members can create up to 5 pages of notes.  Handy
  for any number of things you might want to keep track of, temporarily or permanently.
- Added a new Multi-Quote system.  It's a new button top right in posts that allow you to basically copy that post
  to a clipboard.  You can do that on multiple posts, then when you click the Quote button on a post not only will
  that post be quoted but all other posts you clicked Multi-Quote on will be quoted in the same post.
- Added a new 'popular posts' block to the bottom of the forum index page, still deciding whether to keep it.
- Added the ability to note the reason for editing a post.
- Added a few more small features throughout the system for usability.

05/27/2011 Update:

- Main new addition is the Arcade, currently at 356 games as of this writing with more being added regularly
- New footer menu section to allow links to major features as well as external links

05/30/2011 Update:

- Added a 'spoiler' system.  Anything enclosed between the tags
Code: [Select]
[spoiler].......[/spoiler] will be hidden when viewing a post until the reader clicks the option to show the information...

As other features are added/changed, I'll update this blog...
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