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Author Topic: Microsoft's E3 Show  (Read 810 times)

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Microsoft's E3 Show
« on: June 06, 2011, 05:17:20 PM »
Well, I got done watching most of Microsoft's E3 showing and I have to say, it was almost as dissappointing and laughable as last years showing (I was just about rolling on the floor with that one).

Most of the games being talked about were already known, although I think some new details were released.

Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary - This is basically just a remake of the original with shinier graphics and online co-op.  I remember playing this game way back and being utterly dissappointed by it's mediocrity.  I've never understood why so many think this game is so great, but I figure it's mostly ignorance.  The levels were very samey, and, in particular, I remember a mission where you hand to grind through room after room (that all looked the same) to finally get to the end, then you had to turn around and reverse your way all the way back out.  I was completely disgusted with the laziness of the design.  The storyline, which many say is so great, just seemed like a lazy rip-off of Half-Life, and the rechargeable shields meant that health was pretty much irrelevent and the game became incredibly easy.

Gears of War 3 - Apparently Ice T voiced one of the characters, if that's even a selling point.  I guess there's nothing wrong with this series, but it's always seemed like just another shooter to me.

Mass Effect 3 - This is actually one series I've never gotten into, but wanted to.  I'd say it's the only good reason to get a 360, but since it's also on the PC, you can go ahead and scratch that.  The PC has always been superior (especially for shooters and RPGs) to any console.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon - I've never really gotten into this series.  I guess it's alright, if you're into that sort of thing.  However, I believe it's multi-platform so it's not really a compelling reason to own a 360.  There are some Kinect-enabled features though, if that's even a selling point.

Disneyland and Sesame Street Games - I love how the 360 is supposedly the "hardcore manly awesome" console, and then Microsoft went and basically ripped off Nintendo wholesale for it's various Kinect games, which seem to mainly appeal to casuals and kids.  What was especially hilarious last year was the amount of time they dedicated to that one dance game, while all the "hardcore" 360 fanboys were crying their eyes out, having expected the usual cavalcade of me-too shooters.

Anyways, these are just the fair and balanced facts, with absolutely no opinions involved.  Feel free to post your feelings on Microsoft's show, the games they talked about, and how you feel about the future of the 360.
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Re: Microsoft's E3 Show
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2011, 05:30:13 PM »
Good writeup so far.

I liked the original Halo well enough, though the multi-player aspect left a lot to be desired (for me).  Never played anything later in the series.

I also could never get into the whole Tom Clancy series, just didn't seem to be the way I liked to play.

I agree about the PC being far superior to a console for anything FPS, the mouse/keyboard combination can't be beat in terms of speed of movement and accuracy.  Back when I used to host lan nights for 15-20 players I loved getting the die-hard console guys in there and setting them up with a game pad.  Like shooting fish in a barrel.  Really, really slow fish.  They always had lots of excuses, though...
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