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Doesn’t matter what console or computer, doesn’t matter what game, but if you’re not playing with TGC, you might as well be playing with yourself.

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They took your money, your car, and your girl.  You could cut your losses and move on, but you won't.  You're way too stubborn, way too proud, and you've got way too much ammo left...

This site is dedicated to everything related to playing video games.  Want to chat about your favorite game?  This is where you do it.  Want to find (or write your own) reviews on commercial video games, or just want to keep up on what's going on in the video game industry, you can do that here.  Check out the different sections and join in.  Invite friends.

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We’ve Changed Hosts

After sticking with the same host for the last decade, we’ve changed hosts.  That means that we had to rebuild everything from (almost) scratch, so bear with us while we rebuild the forums to their former glory (yes, we use that term loosely).

We can talk in the forums again, but most of the functionality will take some time to get back in place.  But at least we’re back to chatting about games.

The only thing we’ve lost and will not get back, and it’s not a small thing, is the arcade.  We’ll miss playing all those games, but it was something that had to be sacrificed.

So come on in and chat about games, and we’ll be slowly rebuilding things over time.

And for all the long-timers, welcome back…

In addition to a great forum area and a shoutbox for quick messages, we also have a live chat system, a photo gallery, and an event calendar.  We even have a voice chat system set up for use during online gaming.

Want more?  How about a penny arcade with hundreds of Flash based games that allow forum members to play against each other for the title of champion.

More?  Members can have their own web page in the system.  You design the web page in any web builder or word processor that can output HTML, or simply create a viewable PDF, and we’ll publish it for you in the member area.

More?  Well, you’ll just have to register and start browsing around.

Come on in and start chatting with some of the top players in video games.  Check game reviews, or write your own.  Get tips and tricks on playing, or offer some of your own.

And if you’re new to online gaming, you can get to know some of the people you have been (or will be) playing against.  You can also find out who plays when, the best times to get online, information about upcoming tournaments or events, etc.

Not an online player?  No problem, there’s still a lot to talk about.  Old favorites, new games, what’s happening in the video game industry, or just what you liked or didn’t like about the last game you played.  Click the Forums button above or the button below and get in on things.